Calendar's WCT 2015 Star Players (14 models)

VAT included

Do you remember the 2016 calendar devised for the NAF World Cup Tournament?12 models took part in a re-interpretation of the most famous star players.
Well, in this campaign we are delighted to present them again as add-ons! They may be used as cheerleaders, star players or markers - they are such versatile miniatures - it's just up to you to decide where to use them!

We remind you that each model receives a % from the sale of its miniature.

Do you wan't see more picture of cosplayers? Go here to the resume fan page!

All models come neither painted nor assembled, featuring plastic base.
Sculpted by Greebo and Deadowl
Scale: 32 mm
You will receive followuing models:

  • 1x Adele
  • 1x Alia (2 models: Big Guy and Mascotte verion)
  • 1x Barbara (2 models: Cheerleader and Xmas special)
  • 1x Cristina
  • 1x Cristiana
  • 1x Daisy
  • 1x Daniela
  • 1x Francesca
  • 1x Gaia
  • 1x Giulia
  • 1x Sara
  • 1x Valentina

All come with multi parts and plastic base. This model require super glue to be assembled

These models are available in White Metal (no color or Greebonite ink).  Alia Big Guy will come in Resin

Data sheet