Blood Malice

VAT included

All models come neither painted nor assembled, featuring plastic round base 30mm

Sculpted by Greebo and Deadowl
Scale: 32 mm

local_shipping Left until a free shipping: €220.00

You will receive x24 models + markers with multi parts and plastic base. This model require super glue to be assembled

  • Chasm Brawler 1 to 10
  • Chaos Minotaur
  • Chaos Troll
  • Chaos Ogre
  • Goblin Raider
  • Elf Raider
  • Orc Raider
  • Rat Raider
  • King of the Pit
  • Horned Demon 1 to 4
  • Forgoer Fiend 1-2
  • Themed Balls x3
  • Balls x2
  • Team Marker
  • Re-Roll x1

This Bundle it's available in White Metal (no color or Greebonite ink)


Data sheet



Blood Malice assembly

Assembly instructions

Download (5M)