Greebonite ink - SERVICE

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All models in your order (available only for White Metal models) will come with Greebonite effect.

With this product we will add the GREEBONITE effect on all models in your order. Buy this only if you have other items in your chart.
You will NOT receive Greebontie ink, this is only a service to receive model from our range with the Greebontie effect. You will not receive models assembled or cleaned.

We’ve developed a new black primer ink called Greebonite

By dipping the model directly in this ink, and then letting it dry, all details will pop out more visually, allowing you to use your pieces unpainted while still being a pleasant sight, and with a good shadowlike effect on top. Furthermore, should you decide to have the miniature painted at a later time, or do it yourself, there’s no problem: Greebonite can be used as a “normal” primer, or a standard primer can be safely added on top of it.


There are lot of reasons!
  • Maybe you’re a collector, and you have simply too many unpainted models dying for a better look. With Greebonite ink, you can give a visually remarkable shadow effect to your pieces, either to play them or to pleasantly showcase their level of detail, and all this without creating any problems for a future paint job down the road
  • Maybe you’re not exactly a pro with a painting brush, but you’d still like to field your team without them looking like they just came out of a delivery box? The Greebonite effect will serve you well, all without having to pick up a single brush!
  • Maybe you don’t like the fact that you can’t see all the details on a miniature? Greebonite makes every nook and cranny of the model appear in all its beauty, straight out of the box
Then, should you not like the Greebonite effect anymore after some time, you can simply paint over it, or prime it, and your model is as good as new once more, since the layer of Greebonite ink doesn’t mean that the surface of the model has a thick cover on it. We’re not trying to create another shadow ink, since there’s enough of those on the market already: our service begins with the finished piece, and it can give you a ready-to-field miniature from the second you receive your purchases.

Note: Order with Greebonite can't be refunded
Greebontie Effect

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