Andy + Zunk

VAT included

All models come neither painted nor assembled, featuring plastic base.

Sculpted by Greebo and Deadowl
Scale: 32 mm

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As some of you may know a fair number of coaches like to play online as well as on the tabletop, and among those, some regularly stream their matches. 
We ended up getting in touch with one of them, Andrew “AndyDavo” Davison - a renowned Dark Elves player - since he was particularly impressed with our Obsidian Dusk team, and long story short, we made a bespoke miniature for him and his co-caster and friend, the Mighty Zunk. 
Here they are! This is the first time we make something like this, but maybe it won’t be the last… do you like them?

(Regardless, if you’re interested in learning more about the game and its online counterpart, go check their stream out at and, their community is extremely friendly and welcoming for both beginners and seasoned coaches alike!)

You will receive x2 models with multi parts and plastic bases. This model require super glue to be assembled

This model it's available in White Metal (no color or Greebonite ink)

This miniature is part of a Pre-Order. Should it be present in the shopping cart during the checkout process, the estimated delivery date is October 2019. Please note that this is only an estimate.


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