Necroscience Bundle

VAT included

All models come neither painted nor assembled, featuring plastic base.

Sculpted by Greebo and Silvia
Scale: 32 mm Cartoon

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You will receive x36 models with multi parts and plastic base. They require super glue to be assembled

  • 8× Zombiemals (Zombie)
  • 4× Yoker (Ghouls)
  • 2× Meatwork (Golems)
  • 2× Night Hunter (Wights)
  • 2× Wulf (Werewolf)
  • 2× Bendodrill (Mummies)
  • 2× Skellymal (Skeletons)

This Bundle include also

  • x1 Necromals Team Marker 
  • x2 Necromals Reroll
  • x2 Necromals Ball
  • x1 Deadmals Team Marker 
  • x2 Deadmals Reroll
  • x2 Deadmals Ball

This model it's available in White Metal (no color or Greebonite ink)
Meatworks Bendodrill and Decroc will come in Resin and Metal parts.


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