Waag Saabi Team (16 models + 4 markers)

VAT included

These peculiar Greenskins adapt perfectly to the japanese theme which sees them as main characters of these remake.
Lethal ninjas, giant half-demon trolls, ingenious deadly weapons, elite goblins and even geisha girls! A team rich of miniatures that adapt perfectly to every game that requires the use of goblins.

All models come in white metal, neither painted nor assembled, featuring plastic base.
Sculpted by Greebo, painted by Axia
Scale 32 mm
You rill receive: 1x Linegolin 1-2-3-4, 1x Goblin Masked 1-2, 1x Oni troll 1-2, 1x Special wepaon Bomb-Chainsaw-Ball-Pogo, 1x Ninja 1-2-3-4, 1x Dargon petz marker

Model come with multi parts, all in white metal with plastic base. This model require super glue to be assembled

Data sheet