CONTEST OPEN - Hide your loved ones and your good taste, the  Worstcard contest is back!

The 2019 edition will take place from August 1st to September 30th: for those who are not yet familiar with the rules of the contest, here’s a video from the first edition

Enough small talk, though, and onward with the rules:



1) Look for a postcard. An ugly one. We mean it, fellas, that’s the point: real, real ugly. The absolutely ugliest you can find: the uglier, the better.

2) Buy it, put a stamp on it, and just in case, take a selfie with it before sending it, so that future generations may marvel at the extent of the ugliness of the thing

3)Once that’s done, send it to:

Greebo Games
Via Giotto 27/C
Poggio a Caiano (PO)

A jury of real experts on all matters worstcards-related will examine all entries (after wearing the appropriate safety tools, of course) and will select three of them. Their senders will receive the following:

- For third place, a coupon worth 50 Euros in merchandise to use in our online store.
- For second place, a coupon worth 100 Euros in merchandise to use in our online store.
- And for the absolute worst entry, the winner will receive… a CUSTOM RESIN MINIATURE WITH THE WINNER’S FACE ON IT! Trust us when we tell you that this is truly a prize worthy of kings (and worth a pretty penny too)!

All participants will have the possibility to claim a limited edition miniature dedicated to the the event that will be added for free in any order made from December 2019.

Multiple entries from the same sender are welcome, but only one can be selected for a prize.

You CANNOT send homemade postcards, be they photoshopped with a master’s touch, scribbled on a blank piece of paper or anything of the sort. These entries will be disqualified by default.

So, few rules, but crystal-clear, we hope.

And now, happy hunting, and more importantly, have a great summer, all!