Why Greeblood?

Greeblood: your usual miniatures, but prettier and hassle-free.

In the last months we have set up, with the collaboration of specialised companies, a new method to produce high quality miniatures, so that we can offer a product with a high level of artistic and technical quality to meet the demands of our valued customers. To understand and appreciate better the value of this NEW product we are going to describe, with a brief overview, the traditional production process of resin and metal miniatures:

-Firstly, a prototype is made with a specific 3D printer that has very high printing quality specifications and characteristics, which allow the creation of High-Definition prototypes.

-The prototype is then used to create either vulcanised rubber casts/moulds (for metal production) or cold-cure silicone rubber ones (for resin production) with which a set of early casts is made, called Masters.

-The Masters are therefore copies of Prototypes which are used to make the casts/moulds necessary for commercial production; Masters have a limited lifecycle as they need to be often replaced after a given number of production runs. The final products are the models you usually receive and use at home.

To summarise, each model bought is the copy (final product) of a copy (Master) from an initial product (Prototype). Obviously, copies will present variations from the original. The prototypes are as precise and immaculate a product you can get.

 What is Greeblood?
Now, we would like to offer you Greeblood: No longer a copy of a copy, but directly the product in its original form and richness of definition and detail, making it far superior than any possible copy (of a copy).
To obtain the best possible results and products we collaborate with 3D Printer companies to create a special resin: Greeblood; It has similar characteristics to traditional resin, however it presents a set of differences we feel are game-changers:
-The material does not require washing, as the material allows greater colour adhesion;

-It allows the creation of beautiful pieces with more dynamic poses which other materials would not permit due to technical limitations in traditional resin fabrication processes.

-The assembly will be easier as fewer pieces will compose a model (most models will be in fact a Monoblock).

-The products will also be highly eco-friendly as their creation will not involve any polluting chemicals.

We have conducted all the necessary tests, more than six hundred people have tested the product with widespread enthusiasm, giving us positive feedback, encouraging us to offer Greeblood as the exclusive material for this new campaign.
Greeblood is the result of an innovation concept we have always chased , it is certainly not the final result, but a starting point from which we aim to offer our increasingly competent, careful customers a product of highly artistic and technical quality and unrivalled in its friendliness towards the environment.


To recap:

  • You can expose it to liquids, if it is for a limited amount of time and not a solvent-based liquid.
  • You can strip it with non-solvent detergents/degreasers, again, as long as it is not in water for too long.
  • You can use files and modelling blades with no issues.
  • You can use water on them, however try to avoid temperature of 70 degrees Celsius and above.