It’s Greeblood Time!

Greeblood: your usual miniatures, but prettier and hassle-free.

Consider this: in our labs we already produce metal and resin, so why produce this new Greeblood resin? The answer is that we want to give to each and every one of you the best possible product , removing all the hassles that could annoy veteran and novice modelists alike.

Are there any new drawbacks? No, we have managed to remove all the main defects usually found in the materials so far used in this industry without adding new ones. We know this may sound far-fetched, but we’re not known for boasting needlessly, so believe us when we say that we can state this with a lot of confidence. We may have not removed ALL the issues, of course, but as you will understand by reading the following, any “issues” remaining can be easily dealt with by applying some modelist’s common sense, such as ‘don’t throw your miniatures against the wall’.

- (Almost) No assembly needed: all miniatures arrive (except for some pieces, like those requiring a more detailed paintjob) assembled in a single piece. This infinitely improves the piece’s final appearance.

- Extreme detail: we feel that there is no question, and nobody will ever be able to challenge us on this, the level of detail achieved with this resin is the best and we are not afraid to say it. End of story.

- Eco-Friendly: in 2020 we think that avoiding pollution in all its forms is an added value. This does not mean that the material is less durable or strong; it’s simply a more eco-friendly material, and its production is pollution-free. However small our contribution, we are part of the solution and not part of the problem.

- Bubbles or mould lines? No thanks. Another fundamental feature of Greeblood is that you will never find bubbles or mould lines. Ever. Out there even the best casters cannot eliminate them totally, let’s be honest - but you will not find them on Greeblood pieces, since our process makes it mechanically impossible for mould lines or bubbles to appear. What does this mean? 
It means that you will never have to clean 
a miniature, and that no detail will ever be lost again!

Ready to paint: do you want to paint your miniatures straight away when they are delivered to your doorstep whilst maniacally holding your paintbrush? Be our guest! No primer, no time-consuming dirty cleaning and certainly no spraying anywhere! No spraying anywhere - and therefore one can save time, money and help the environment all at the same time.

What about excess tabs? Whether it’s resin or metal there are always bits going in the bin. Not anymore. End of tabs, end of throwing bits away who knows where. Less waste of time and raw material, so everyone wins.

That considered, Greeblood is like any other material,  one that, however, needs less work in order to start enjoying it: we only see advantageswhat about you?

Avoid boiling everything! Why boil a miniature that does not require cleaning or fiddling?

Let us save time and avoid these extra steps. Greeblood is paint-friendly and designed to be user friendly as well, therefore it does not require a primer, it’s for those who want to directly apply colour, have finished their primer or have found their local shop has mysteriously vanished overnight.

One can dip Greeblood miniatures in water (although we do not understand why one would do that); however, since it is made with eco-friendly materials (unlike standard resin or metal), it should not be left in water over time, since it could suffer damage. It should not be boiled and does not need to be boiled, since, as mentioned above, it comes to your door without any of those issues that can be solved by boiling it.

Can these models be stripped? Of course! Usually, as is the case with all resin pieces, stripping is quite difficult, so it is the same with Greeblood; however, solvents can damage Greeblood minis as much as they can damage plastic or resin. We suggest using liquid detergents, like mild universal degreasers like those that can be commonly found as standard household cleaning items”, which can efficiently remove paint, again, as long as the piece is not submerged for extended periods and is not in contact with solvents.

Regarding conversions, feel free to try (they are of course your models after all); the more experienced modelists will have no issues, but we would recommend extra care to the less experienced ones, since Greeblood is a hard material that is, however, easy to file and shape with modelling blades.

Last but not least: we have already sent out over 600 models, every miniature went to a different tester, and we have got only positive feedback! Only 3 times we got someone that have has boiled the model, of course with a bad ending.


To recap:

  • You can expose it to liquids, if it is for a limited amount of time and not a solvent-based liquid.
  • You can strip it with non-solvent detergents/degreasers, again, as long as it is not in water for too long.
  • You can use files and modelling blades with no issues.
  • You can use water on them, however try to avoid temperature of 70 degrees Celsius and above.