Undead and Renaissance miniatures on kickstarter

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Our new Kickstarter campaign will be launch at 00:01 AM 24-01-2016 (Italian time)


Ended a few months ago, the World Cup NAF 2015 has seen this year almost 1,000 participants! Each of them has received as a sponsor gift an entire team in limited edition, specially created by Greebo Games for the tournament.

To celebrate the success of this limited team, in this campaign we propose a number of compatible miniatures in the same style, about a theme that marked the Italian tradition, namely the Renaissance.

For those who have participated in the tournament but wants more compatible models, for those who could not come to the event but wanted a team with that particular style, for those who want to use the models to anything else, brace yourselves: they are now avail...

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Dungeon Storming : nuovi dungeon, eroi e mostri

Ds3 Copertina

Dopo il successo di Lucca Comics & Games 2015 ecco che arrivano sul nostro store i capitoli 3 e 4 del massacrante Dungeon Storming!

Una stampa limitata in lingua Italiana è stat fatta anche per quest’anno e poche scatole restano attualmente disponibili nello store (Clicca qui).

Quest’anno ci troviamo ad affrontare mappe doppie (il doppio delle morti almeno per voi eroi) in cui imperversano Geloscheletri e Dragoniani, affiancati da Lich e Draghi pronti a congelarvi o incenerirvi, così da non farci mancare proprio nulla.

Le scatole sono state irrobustite, così come il dado è cresciuto ed anche i segnalini Teschio. Il formato di gioco resta lo stesso, set up immediato, regole scritte direttamente sulla mappa, semrpe pronto in qualsiasi momento: si apre la scatole e si inizia a giocare!

Riportiamo di seguito la recensione di Marco Signore da Gioconomicon …..

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Worldcup III 2015 and new release

Zombie 1 2 3 web copia

Good morning everyone!

Our New Un-renaissance models are available here!

For this Worldcup in Lucca we’ve worked hard to 250% of our possibilities and we hope that you will appreciate the result!

As you know, 1000 teams were created specifically for this event, and each participant will have his own. In any team there will be all different models, all in high definition, starting from the concept up to the professional final sculpture really detailed.

At the Worldcup we’ll perform demonstrations of 3D sculpture in Zbrush, showing the work behind the miniatures, that you’ll use after on the playing fields, revealing the secrets of digital sculpting.

We’ll also organize brief workshops to teach you how to make changes on the miniatures and basics of hand sculpture...

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Blood Bowl World Cup 2015 Project

PP def

What stays with you throughout a year?

Which you turn the pages every month?

The Greebo GamesFEMALE STARPLAYERS CALENDAR 2016, of course!!

But that’s not all: we are going to make the MINIATURES of the twelve cosplayers!

Everything will be released for the Lucca Comics and Games 2015 and the ‪#‎BloodBowlWorldCup‬, then available in our store!

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Summer’s Discounts and Holidays

Dear Friends,

We are closed from August 01st to September 01st. Every order made during this period will be shipped ONLY AFTER September 01st. During this period we won’t be able to reply to any kind of e-mail.

You can still place your order and it will be considered and processed when we’ll reopen.

During the Summer’s Holidays you can use this coupon code to have 10% discount on all your basket purchase.

copy and past it in the coupon’s field when asked:  summer10

Happy Holidays to all!

Greebo Games

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Iwa-Tai : The new oriental dwarves, soon on Indiegogo


Oriental Dwarves Revealed: IWA-TAI, the Greebo Games‘ new team, early on Indiegogo
We are pleased to announce the destination of the concepts gradually revealed in the lasts weeks. The oriental style’s dwarves will start soon the path that will take them from the drawing to the gaming table.
We have not yet revealed the “DeathRoller”, how do you think it will be?
What do you think about the project? Do you have any advice or suggestions for us? Your opinion is fundamental, write us on Facebook (click here)!

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Painting Contest

Greebo Minia


We open a Painting Contest dedicated to Hand of Death campaign: send us your photos of the pieces painted by you from our Hand of Death campaign, we will select the winners who will receive fantastic prizes!


The competition is divided in 3 categories: singles, teams and dioramas.

Singles: a single piece photographed from one or more angles. Each participant may enter any number of individual pieces in the competition.

Teams: photographs of each element of the team, plus the group photo. To be considered a team, the group photo must contain a minimum of 8 models.

Dioramas: Scenes or representations with background or particularly elaborate bases.

All models in the competition must come from the series of the Hand of Death campaign.
We’ll accept models of the Hand of Death also bought outside the campaign. (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hand-of-death-rats-and-turtles-miniatures-set/ )

Send us via DropBox, Facebook or any other method the photos for the competition. Do not send the material directly as an attachment of an e-mail, it won’t be accepted.
E-Mail: contest@greebo-games.com
Subject: HoD painting contest

The deadline to submit the material is May 11, 2015. On May 20, 2015 we’ll declare the winners.


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Writing contest: and the winner is…


Congratulations to the writer: Kim Nguyen!
Here is his awesome story, enjoy Emoticon wink

The last cup of tea

You never know when you are going to die, unless when you choose the time of your death. Master Soo knew when this moment would come.
He was some kind of legend among the hunters. Like many of us, he learned first all the traditional hunting techniques but also developed new skills: no one has ever looked a man as you look an animal and know who he is and what he has inside. No one but Master Soo. Nevertheless, he started to be known thanks to his incredible successes like taming an old wild dragon only with his bare hands. According to most historians, all the southern countries were conquered thanks to him and the way he quickly guided the armies.
He never failed. Except once when he was at the top of his glory. As a consequence, the Emperor sentenced him to death. Meanwhile, this sentence would only apply once he had trained five disciples.
So the selection began. Many nobles wanted their heir to be trained but talent doesn’t often refer to blood qualities. His first pupil was Kento, a twelve years slave. Then Yaoh, a boy who was already a well-trained ninja. Shinishi was already a father when he began his training.

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Hand of Death available in our store


Finally, the Hand of Death models are available in our store!

We don’t want to spend more words for them, they talk for us. That’s because they are cool. Very cool. More than my grandmother. Enjoy.

Heroes will come in the next days

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Wartart, allied and villains available in our store


The army of Tartalar takes the field to face his biggest archenemy. After the great success crowdfunding campaign, the Wartart, armed to the teeth, their allies and enemies are all available in our store! (Click here to be redirected).

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